Quantifying short sale times
New law protects homeowners from short sale deficiencies
Homeowners & Short Sale - what's the first step
HAFA Short Sales - Fact Sheet
Basic FAQs about short sale


  Disclosures to look for (or not to look for) in bank-owned properties
Cash for Keys and new tenant rights
Foreclosure...are there other options?
Foreclosure Timeline
Is foreclosure inevitable?
Face it, accept it, and move on…


  “What do I do with all that information?”…or why you need a real estate agent
Down Payment: Putting in less than what you offered
Why you should avoid funding on a Friday
The hurdles of making an offer
Low-priced REOs lead to bidding wars
One-story home or two-story home?
Strategize your purchase offers
After the home buyer tax credit incentives, what tax benefits are there for home buyers?
Can you buy a home on someone else’s credit?
Documents to prepare when you apply for a mortgage
Things to consider in choosing your home warranty


  Open House success - It’s not really about luck, it’s about preparations
When do you send a Notice to Buyer to Perform?
How do you handle multiple offers?
Who takes the bite when your house doesn't sell?
Sellers: Why disclose?...Why not?
It’s time to remove the contingencies. What contingencies?
What will it take to sell your home? Or why did your listing expire?
Please don’t cancel your PG&E account yet!


  Homes near electric towers – is it really a drawback?
Re-casting your mortgage – how does it work?
Transferring title does not release you from your mortgage
Who owns the lot on my condo?
My home is in a flood zone – what does it mean?
Property Taxes - What it means to you.
Understanding Property Transfer Tax
When problems arise, do you have your documents intact?
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A short sale is a long process. Does that sound contradictory? Not really. “Short” refers to a sale where the amount owed is less than the value of the home – hence, the sale proceeds are “short” to cover the mortgage. “Long” refers to the length of time involved in getting the short sale approved by the lender...

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